Harp Enrichment/Therapy Pioneer

Susan is considered a pioneer of harp enrichment/therapy for pets and people. She has a series of CDs and MP3s available for sale on the site. Click here to learn more.

Susan Raimond Featured
on the News

Susan was featured on the Channel 8 News. Click on the video to learn more!

Harp Enrichment Therapy (HET) and Acoustical Nourishment (AN) as Rehabilitative Therapy.

A 501(c)(3) company

This therapy provides measurable overall improved levels of physical, mental and emotional wellness for people (and animals). There is opportunity for full recovery from illness and/or disability, lessening the chance of relapse and need for further medical treatment—which In some cases may be funded by Medicare or Medicaid.

Neither Medicare or Medi-Cal reimburse for psychotherapy, treatment support or other costly needs of a person impaired by medical treatments including which may include: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, or in-hospital physical therapy for lymphedema—a common side effect of surgery.

There is currently no funding for rehabilitation, only medical treatment. Harp Enrichment and Acoustic Nourishment Therapy, as we offer it, is for after medical treatment and at the discretion of the patient who feels impaired by the medical treatment received. Failure to rehabilitate can cause continued dependence for medical treatment, which may extend government expense. Hence the need to rely on public charity support.